Working at the very sharp end of the industry, I have developed a code base for rapid development of absolutely bombproof emails that are mobile responsive, work on ALL active email clients and are fully tested.

Email development:

My process includes:

  • Build of HTML email templates in compliant code
  • Mobile responsive layout addition
  • Full testing in browsers, devices and Litmus
  • Personalisation tags based on customer databases for any of the major email deployment platforms (including Mapp, Marketo, Sales Force Cloud etc.)
  • Support for ALL major browsers and tablets / mobile devices
  • Support while setting up or encoding emails for delivery
  • Tabular layout with inline CSS and browser conditionals to current high end industry standards.

Unique email technology:

I was one of the first individuals to deploy weather, time of day and location reactive email content (reactive after deployment, not triggered delivery), create live countdown timers, and have developed a number of unique systems to allow those pieces of tech to be deployed at scale. This has become a key focus in my career due to the demand for high level development work on business critical communications and the need for more extreme approaches to email marketing for heavyweight brands.

  • Live video email content or header background videos
  • Customer’s name as part of a dynamic email header image (including custom made fonts)
  • Animated email headers and content
  • Live animated email countdown timers for offers and launches
  • Weather reactive email content
  • Time of day reactive email content
  • Rapid general HTML email development & testing.

Notable projects:

  • Led the project to automate a major UK bank’s on-boarding email communications with their team in the London HQ. This involved the creation of a secure connection between the data center and the CRM platform statically hosted at the agency’s HQ, and the creation of all customer communication emails required through an agency production team.
  • Ran multiple integrated email and text response campaigns for the two large UK insurance brands requiring the monitoring of individual interactions through tracking and unique text ID codes.
  • Deployed a run of special feature emails for a national retailer containing countdown timers, HTML5 video, weather reactive (and triggered) deployments, and monitored response.
  • Developed a nested reactive email content matrix for a UK home hardware retailer that served content after email open based on user location AND weather AND time of day combined. The content changed if reopening the same email with any of those factors giving a different value.
  • Created a rapid deployment email code templating system and an automated email user testing platform to decrease development and proofing time for a UK bank’s email campaigns. For the team of 10 involved in the development, testing and approval cycle, these systems cut the overall man hours per campaign dramatically, saving tens of thousands of pounds per year in labour costs.

I’ve also managed (and selected) mailing platforms for major UK marketing agencies and clients, I’ve controlled the agency side procedure and schedules for mailing campaigns and worked closely with strategists and planners to evolve both content plans and execution. In total, I have been directly responsible for the planning and production of around 60 million email deployments.

Work with me

I am currently accepting HTML email development work from agencies and businesses.

If you are interested in working with me on your own HTML email development, big or small, please contact me.