I’ve been an integral part of digital marketing teams working on high profile and award winning campaigns for household names throughout the UK. My role has heavily been that of a digital consultant or producer, advising on digital technology, digital marketing strategy and technical execution along with creative uses of existing and emerging technology.

If you regularly find digital projects spinning out of control, suffer development delays, or lack the technical expertise to manage delivery of a specific project effectively, then I can help. Digital consultants exists to identify and help fill the the gaps in your operation. You will have an industry expert that understands your processes, is experienced in working closely with developers, creatives and executives to achieve results.

The spectrum of work a digital consultant provides is huge, and difficult to document, but here are some example roles:

  • Project producer – guaranteeing the delivery of a project on time and on budget
  • Digital planner – providing technical knowledge in both agency and client planning sessions
  • Development lead – managing build process and conducting developer code reviews
  • Supervising development teams to maintain efficiency and quality
  • Project supervisor – managing timelines, QA and client approval processes
  • Technologist – providing technical backup for client meetings and pitches
  • Digital strategist – training account management teams to better represent their agency’s digital products
  • Superhero – saving the day after digital project meltdowns.

Despite the variety of naming for roles, the core approach remains the same: Provide a high level of digital marketing and production experience to solve a client’s strategic, technical or procedural problems.

Work with me

Whatever the requirement, if it’s digital, it’s likely I can add value to the project. I work on fixed rate contracts of digital consultancy to allow costs to be easily managed. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.