Nick Nomad
Thinking in my library. The books are fake.

I’m Nick Nomad. I am a ‘digital native’​ with an overactive mind. A creative hacker, an engineer, a builder of things, inhabiting the grey area between what we do now and what we should be doing next. If I have to build a ladder to get us there, I will. I provide services to some of the largest brands in the UK for digital and integrated agencies.

I’m a specialist in email marketing and innovation and co-founder of the email marketing service, but also provide flexible brand strategy and digital consultancy services. I am available on a contract basis to support project management and client services teams in delivering high level digital campaigns. You can also hire me as a project supervisor, producer, or development team lead.

I’ve now been full time in the digital marketing industry for over 15 years. I live and breathe digital technology, user experiences, creative development and digital platforms. 90% of my time has been spent working with high level agencies, so communication and flexibility are second nature.

Aside from day to day work, I’m passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge. I want to help others find ways to work more efficiently, develop new skills and build healthy businesses.  I hate buzzwords and industry hype, and prefer honest and robust approaches to solving problems that cut through the noise of everyday marketing.

Despite the variety roles I take, my objective remains the same: Provide a high level of digital marketing and production experience to solve a client’s strategic, technical or procedural problems.


Flock Email Marketing
I am the co-founder of the Flock full service email marketing agency.

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Even if you’re not quite sure what you need yet, get in touch early before I’m fully booked.

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