Nick Nomad

Brand Strategist, Producer and Digital Technology Consultant.

Old Brands. New Tech.
It's time for that tune up...

About Me

Nick Nomad
Thinking in my library. The books are fake.

I’m Nick Nomad. I am a ‘digital native’​ with an overactive mind. A creative hacker, an engineer, a builder of things, inhabiting the grey area between what we do now and what we should be doing next. If I have to build a ladder to get us there, I will. I provide services to some of the largest brands in the UK for digital and integrated agencies.

I’m a specialist in email marketing and innovation and co-founder of the email marketing service, but also provide flexible brand strategy and digital consultancy services. I am available on a contract basis to support project management and client services teams in delivering high level digital campaigns. You can also hire me as a project supervisor, producer, or development team lead.


Brand Strategy

In a way, my obsession. Brand strategy represents the foundation of the customer’s relationship with your business. My focus on brand strategy grew from repetition of asking one question of clients: Why? Over the years a trend emerged. During fault finding with many clients, I only needed to ask the question two or three times to reach a common answer: I don’t know.

Mistakes in (or the absence of) brand strategy contribute to a majority of struggles with business marketing in an increasingly messy marketing arena. ‘Digital marketing’ is now just ‘marketing’. Customers are suffering from content shock. Social media has become an online tokyo at night. It’s become vital to connect with your customers in a meaningful way.


Digital Consultancy

I’ve been an integral part of digital marketing teams working on high profile and award winning campaigns for household names throughout the UK. My role has heavily been that of a digital consultant or producer, advising on digital technology, digital marketing strategy and technical execution along with creative uses of existing and emerging technology.

If you regularly find digital projects spinning out of control, suffer development delays, or lack the technical expertise to manage delivery of a specific project effectively, then I can help. Digital consultants exists to identify and help fill the the gaps in your operation. You will have an industry expert that understands your processes, is experienced in working closely with developers, creatives and executives to achieve results.

The spectrum of work a digital consultant provides is huge, and difficult to document, but here are some example roles:


Email Development & Deployment

Working at the very sharp end of the industry, I spent years developing a code base for rapid development of absolutely bombproof emails that are mobile responsive, and work on ALL active email clients. I devoted a huge portion of my focus to solving the problem of poor email development that plagues the industry. Having to choose between poor code and mailchimp templates is not the promised land.

Email development:

The code base, and my understanding of the inner workings of the industry led to the creation of the email marketing service. Along with a team of developers, we provide email production, management and deployment services to businesses and agencies across the UK based on our robust and battletested code base. (more…)

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